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Psychologists of the World   

“For individual equilibrium and social stability” 



Headquarters : Hôtel de Ville, 1 rue de la République, F-31560 Nailloux (France)


Website :   E-mail : 




Psychologists of the World (PDM) sprang from the experience of the AZF fertilizer factory blast in 2001(Toulouse, France). After our very first psychological interventions, we founded our non-governmental organisation in 2004. From this year onwards, we have been developing  branches throughout France (Paris & surrounding area, SE France, SW France...). 

PDM’s funds come from subscriptions, donations and grants from national and international organisations. Our mission and general association accounts are published yearly. 

The active members of PDM are volunteers. They take part in our projects with no theoretical segregation. However, all of them adhere to our statutory principles. 

At Psychologists of the World, we offer our help with no ethnic, political, religious or economic discrimination.  We also provide support to humanitarian and social workers, before, during and after their missions. 

Psychologists of the World works toward 

1) clinical care for individuals and groups: - support for victims of posttraumatic stress disorder (catastrophes, wars, terrorist attacks) - treatment and follow-up of personal and collective disorders - social rehabilitation 

2) management of  clinical care - training - conception, practice and assessment of activities - scientific work

3) informing the public and the decision makers -  communicating goals, methods and results -  witness observation accounts, references to Human Rights

From any request, we plan our action in order to define: - the goals to be achieved - the project leader’s commitment - the methodology to be used